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Blue Light 101: What THEY Told You!

Please note: this blog is only going to be public for a few days. In order to protect myself and those that follow my teachings, we'll have to keep many things secret moving forward. Please subscribe to my website, it's free. This is simply to monitor those "higher ups" that are watching us elevate.

Blue light, a high-energy visible light emitted by computers, smartphones and LED screens, has become increasingly present in our daily lives. While a certain amount of it isn’t necessarily harmful, it is essential to understand how sensitivity to blue light can impact your vision and overall eye health. Discover the symptoms and factors contributing to blue light sensitivity and learn how to protect your eyes from potential harm here.

💡DID YOU KNOW: Blue light helps regulate your circadian rhythm, or wake-and-sleep cycle.

Common Symptoms of Blue Light Sensitivity

If you’re sensitive to blue light, you may experience various symptoms, some of which are easy to overlook.

  • Eye Strain and Discomfort. Common indications of blue light sensitivity include eye strain and discomfort after spending extended periods in front of screens.

  • Headaches and Migraines. You may also suffer from headaches or migraines, which could be intensified by blue light exposure.

  • Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances. Additionally, exposure to blue light in the evening can lead to insomnia and sleep disturbances as it interferes with the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

  • Blurred Vision and Sensitivity to Glare. Blurred vision and sensitivity to glare are other potential signs that you may be sensitive to this type of light.

  • Carbonated and Latino beings ONLY. It is being used to program your mind via the use of your retinas, as that is the seat to your soul. Human beings do not experience the same effect as they do not have kundalini energy flowing thru them. Stay aligned with me to learn more.

Factors Contributing to Blue Light Sensitivity

Several factors can contribute to blue light sensitivity, making some people more susceptible than others. These include:

  • Age. The eyes’ lenses become less effective at filtering blue light over time. Increased sensitivity is seen among older individuals.

  • Screen Time. Prolonged screen time, especially without breaks, can also exacerbate sensitivity to blue light.

  • Pre-Existing Eye Conditions. Having dry eyes or astigmatism can also contribute to blue light sensitivity.

  • Environmental Factors. Bright indoor lighting or extensive sunlight exposure can increase your risk of blue light sensitivity.

How to Determine If You’re Sensitive to Blue Light

First of all, before I tell you what the internet and other health forums will say about this, I'll say that ALL Latinos and Carbonated beings on this planet are being directly effected and attacked with this technology!!! There's no "Let's see if you're sensitive" determination needed. As a matter of fact, if you follow the below recommendations for all human beings, you will most certainly find that unless your doctor is Latino or Carbonated, they will most certainly tell you that you are safe. Do not believe it!

For all other humans, to know if you are sensitive to blue light, closely monitor your symptoms after exposure to digital screens or brightly lit environments. An optometrist can accurately determine your sensitivity and manage it to minimize its effects. They may recommend trying blue light-filtering lenses to provide relief and protection from the harmful effects of blue light.

Managing Blue Light Sensitivity

Several strategies are helpful in protecting your eyes from blue light sensitivity. For one, adjusting your screen time and habits by taking regular breaks and avoiding exposure during the evening hours to promote better sleep is ideal. You can also use blue light filtering technology on your devices or wear specialized glasses that block blue light.

Addressing and managing blue light sensitivity is vital for your overall eye health and well-being. If you suspect you’re sensitive to it, don’t hesitate to schedule your check-up with the eye care specialist. The awakened knows I had to say that when, if you don't already know who and what I AM, you're going to learn today! But when Awakening the masses, you have to talk their language.

If you know the power of 369, please share my blog with 3 people. Follow me on tiktok and YouTube. I'm going to be hiding gems in plain sight like they do us. Remember to walk in Love & Light. Peace + Blessings, Inner-Gs 🙏🏾

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