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December Tarot Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The year drawing to a close brings both nostalgia and anticipation. Let this milestone be an opportunity for reflection. Remember, new insights and perspectives emerge with the passing of time, and out of winter’s darkness comes spring: The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere means daylight will soon start increasing slowly but surely. But don’t forget to continue learning and broadening your mind, because, as always, flexibility and adaptability will be key. Even failures teach humility and can foster growth and newfound wisdom.

Now what does your tarotscope have in store for you? Tarotscopes merge the divination tools of Tarot and Astrology horoscopes based on your zodiac sign to provide you with a magical fusion of forecasting.

December Horoscope for the Month: Out with the Old, In with the New!

As the year draws to a close, the monthly horoscope for December 2023 invites you to reflect on the lessons and growth you have experienced over the past 12 months. From the sun's tour through spontaneous Sagittarius and ambitious Capricorn to Mercury retrograde and an emotional Cancer full moon called the "cold moon," there is much to be aware of and look forward to in the weeks ahead. See what the next 31 days have in store for you with your monthly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign and rising sign.

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Keep your options open, Aries. Your December horoscope invites you to embrace your thirst for knowledge and adventure. To assist you on your quest this month, the spontaneous sun in Sagittarius will continue its annual tour in your nifty ninth house of higher learning and long-distance travel until Dec. 21. Tap into this energy by investing in a professional certification, make a down payment on a winter vacation, or drop new content on social media. Don't be afraid to combine forces this month and collaborate with someone you trust when Venus enters Scorpio and your eighth house of shared resources on Dec. 4. Teamwork makes the dream work.

An opportunity to slowly move forward with your aspirations may manifest during the striking Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12. Use the final new moon of the year to start chugging away on passion projects and activities for 2024. However, remember that Mercury will station retrograde the very next day (Dec. 13) in Capricorn and your public reputation sector, which may obscure your motives. Use this murky retrograde period to gather your thoughts and review your plans, especially ones involving your long-term goals and career.

Lean on your mentors and elders for guidance starting on Dec. 21, when the sun officially enters wise Capricorn and your 10th house of authority and responsibility. You'd be surprised how listening to others' experiences adds to your expertise and self-confidence. To boost your self-esteem even more, Chiron will end its retrograde in Aries and your first house of identity on Dec. 26 (the same day as the Cancer cold moon), shining a light on the inner healing work you've done over the past five months. End the year on a soft note, Aries. You deserve it.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Your heart and mind may pull you in opposite directions this month, Taurus. Your December horoscope wants you to trust your intuition in moments of self-doubt. With the soul-searching Sagittarius sun nesting in your erotic eighth house of secrets, shared resources, and intimacy until Dec. 21, there may be a lot transpiring in your inner world that you need to sort out. Meanwhile, a current love affair or business relationship may take a drastic turn for the better around Dec. 4, when your planetary ruler, lusty Venus, blazes into seductive Scorpio and your sensual seventh house of marriage and partnerships until Dec. 29. This steamy transit is excellent for watering your relationships with colleagues and loved ones behind the scenes. Vulnerability is sexy.

Speaking of friendships, if things have felt foggy inside your inner circle, elusive Neptune in Pisces will finally end its annual retrograde in your community zone on Dec. 6. Use the party-going Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12 to plan a festive-themed gathering and bring the crew back together. Just keep in mind that messy Mercury is retrograde in bossy Capricorn from Dec. 13 to Dec. 23, so you may find yourself rehashing old disputes and differences in belief systems. Instead of resisting the urge to shake up the norm, use this responsibility-focused transit to reimagine and redefine what freedom and self-expression mean for you.

You'll be grateful for the fresh perspective once Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21. Consider rereading old journals, vision boards, and New Year's resolutions during the Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26. With Cancer governing your creative third house of writing and communication, this full moon is ideal for unpacking restless thoughts keeping you awake at night. Jupiter also stations direct in your sign on Dec. 30, making the end of the month an excellent time to celebrate your journey. Be proud of yourself, Taurus! You've overcome a lot!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

While it may be easier to do it all this month, Gemini, it would be more efficient and enjoyable if you joined forces with other power players. With the sun chilling out in spunky Sagittarius and your inclusive seventh house of partnerships until Dec. 21, your December horoscope pushes you to strengthen and expand your support system, not isolate yourself. Although making friends comes naturally for you, you may need to be more intentional about who you connect with once value-driven Venus moves into matter-of-fact Scorpio and your sixth house of productivity on Dec. 4. Who do you know with a one-of-a-kind personality and out-of-this-world work ethic? That's who you need (and want) on your team.

Blurred lines regarding long-term ventures and career moves may start to clear when delusional Neptune stops its backspin through passive Pisces and your 10th house of career and ambition on Dec. 6. You may seal a new deal for your creative inventions or attract a well-funded investor during the outspoken Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12. On another note, your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, will begin a three-week retrograde period on Dec. 13 in your self-empowerment zone, helping you reestablish healthy emotional boundaries and coping mechanisms that support your industrious plans and creative process. Keep a journal or sketchbook close to capture all your clever ideas.

The second half of the month kicks off on a slower, subdued note as the sun snuggles into cozy Capricorn and your introspective eighth house of intimacy and self-respect on Dec. 21. While you may be eager to move forward with contracts or commitments started earlier in the month, be patient as delays may arise once Mercury retrograde reenters Sagittarius and your house of agreements on Dec. 23. Luckily, the month ends with a banger as the Cancer cold moon fires up your second house of income on Dec. 26. Whether you are looking to snag a new side hustle or sell gently used items for extra cash, be responsible with how you allocate your resources and energy. Know your limits, Gemini!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Make an effort to prioritize your health this month, dear Cancer — mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your December horoscope is all about reconfiguring your daily routines and work environment to improve your quality of life and overall productivity. This is mainly because the savvy Sagittarius sun will activate your service-oriented sixth house of work and wellness until Dec. 21. Pay attention to what activities grab your attention when pleasure-seeking Venus prances into fellow water sign Scorpio and your fifth house of fun and recreation on Dec. 4. This electrifying transit is ideal for visiting a new yoga studio, practicing intentional eating, or incorporating mindful habits like meditation and breathing exercises.

Crabs eager to escape from the nest may have better luck planning a winter vacation once dreamy Neptune stations direct in your travel sector on Dec. 6. If you're looking for the perfect time to slip away, the radiant Sagittarius moon on Dec. 12 would be an ideal time to make a down payment or begin researching destinations. If an all-inclusive getaway isn't on your to-do list, treat yourself to a soothing self-care day to ease your mind, especially since messenger Mercury will station retrograde in your partnership sector the very next day (Dec. 13).

The month wraps with the winter sun prancing into conscientious Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships and marriage on Dec. 21. Although this energy can sometimes feel overwhelming, as it brings extra social demands and drama, stay open to the challenge. Rather than overextending your energy in one-sided relationships, Capricorn season pushes you to prioritize your needs and others. While it may be uncomfortable initially, lean on the healing power of the Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26 to reset firm boundaries with clingy family members and judgmental friends. What do you need to feel safe, seen, and wanted? Pour back into you, Cancer!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Prioritize profits and pleasure this month, Leo; stop choosing one or the other. Your December horoscope challenges you to think win-win — no more negative self-talk. With the fearless Sagittarius sun splashing through your fun-filled fifth house of leisure and recreation until Dec. 21, the first half of the month is ideal for finalizing new creative offers, hosting holiday parties with loved ones, and showcasing your one-of-a-kind talents. While winter activities like ice skating and gourmet hot chocolate tastings may keep you occupied when you're not at work, family matters may also demand your attention once Venus in Scorpio enters your foundational fourth home of ancestry and roots on Dec. 4. It's time to end unhealthy generational cycles!

Speaking of healing generational cycles, take a moment to reflect on your financial journey on Dec. 6, when elusive Neptune ends its annual retrograde in your eighth house of debt and joint finances. Besides a much-needed reality check, Neptune's forward motion improves how you monitor and manage your resources because you know where they're going. Embrace a fresh start around Dec. 12, when the joyful and optimistic Sagittarius new moon rises in the sky. Use this adventurous lunation to treat yourself to a budgeted shopping spree or a guilt-free fun outing. You'll have plenty of time to get serious about reorganizing your daily routines and systems for peak performance once Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn and your house of order the very next day, Dec. 13.

As Capricorn season kicks off on Dec. 21, your focus will turn to completing any lingering tasks or to-do lists you've been putting off. You may commit to a healthier lifestyle, experiment with a new work schedule, or build deeper connections with coworkers. Just make sure you stay flexible and open to change, as plans are bound to transform once Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius on Dec. 23 and the Cancer full moon lights up your sleepy 12th house of endings and isolation on Dec. 26. If you're feeling moody and unsocial around this time, keep your holiday plans simple this year and squeeze in some extra rest. It's OK to put yourself first, Leo. Do you.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Take it easy this month, Virgo. With the outgoing Sagittarius sun tucked away in your cozy fourth house of comfort until Dec. 21, your December horoscope urges you to prioritize your self-care and emotional well-being as you prepare for the new year. If you're looking for chill activities to do around the house, pick up a new sci-fi book or binge your favorite true-crime series when mysterious Venus zooms into Scorpio and your thinking zone on Dec. 4. You may also experience an increase in harmony and connection with family members and housemates once sensitive Neptune ends its retrograde in your seventh house of relationships on Dec. 6. Focus on forgiveness, not resentment, if things have been murky.

A cosmic opportunity to start fresh and tighten family bonds may arrive on Dec. 12 during the soulful Sagittarius new moon. However, don't miss a chance to treat yourself to a much-needed beauty treatment or solo outing. This sensual lunation reminds you that it's OK to prioritize your alone time. For some Virgos, boredom may reach an all-time high once your planetary ruler, overthinker Mercury, stations retrograde in your creativity corner on Dec. 13. While you may be at peace with your life, this transit exposes where you may be craving more excitement, romance, or individuality. Use this restorative transit to reconnect with what makes you happy. Remember, joy is an inside job.

Despite any internal roadblocks you may be facing, don't be afraid to pursue what satisfies you. With Capricorn season officially beginning on Dec. 21, you'll gain more clarity about what moves to make as the month progresses. Try not to stress too much, because you'll have the chance to team up with your support system for guidance and assistance during the Cancer cold moon peaking on Dec. 26. Lucky Jupiter will also end a five-month retrograde in moneymaking Taurus and your ninth house of expansion on Dec. 30. What will financial freedom look like for you in the new year?

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

A burning desire for freedom and stability will be at the forefront of your mind this month, dear Libra, and finding a happy medium between the two won't necessarily be easy. While your December horoscope may feel chaotic at times due to the demanding Sagittarius sun firing up your third house of multitasking until Dec. 21, this adventurous transit is also excellent for visiting your favorite coffee shops and local winter festivities for a change of scenery and inspiration. Just be mindful of overspending when your planetary ruler, Venus, slips into luxurious Scorpio and your second house of income on Dec. 4. This lavish transit attracts extra cash. Still, you could also find yourself emotionally shopping. Make practical purchases.

If health and wellness have been on the back burner this year, you should find your flow once sleepy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your sixth house of fitness on Dec. 6. Use the heart-pumping Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12 to host a hot-girl sweat session with your friends. On another note, expect a major vibe shift when Mercury backspins through Capricorn and your home and family sector on Dec. 13. This retrograde transit may nudge you to reevaluate how you share responsibilities in your family or current living situation. Use this introspective period to rebuild your self-confidence and conflict-resolution skills. Honor your boundaries, Libra.

Take a much-needed break from the grind on Dec. 21, when Capricorn season officially begins. With the conservative Capricorn sun hiding out in your fourth house of privacy from Dec. 21 until Jan. 20, keep the extravagant Christmas plans this year to a minimum. If you typically host and cook, pass the baton to someone else. You'll be grateful for the helping hand during the nurturing Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26. To end the year with a bang, celebrate how much you've grown financially once Jupiter ends its retrograde in your eighth house of shared resources on Dec. 30. What debts or scarcity fears did you release this year?

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

It's time to elevate, Scorpio! Your December horoscope encourages you to reconnect to your core values and sense of self-worth, especially regarding how you earn a living. In fact, with the intellectual Sagittarius sun still resting in your second house of income and personal possessions until Dec. 21, the first few weeks of the month are ideal for researching sustainable skills and investments to increase your net worth. Scorpions on the market for a pay raise should use this season to highlight their positive contributions. You may also see an increase in self-confidence and self-belief once Venus enters your sign on Dec. 4. How you look influences your performance during this aesthetically pleasing transit, so dress the part!

New money may find its way to you during the Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 13. Whether you receive an offer for a new position, pick up a part-time side hustle, or gain support through a partner, this fiery lunation is excellent for manifesting abundance. However, read the fine print before saying yes. Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn and your communication sector the following day, Dec. 13. Work with these reflective vibes by being more intentional about expressing your concerns and opinions with others. It may not be what you are saying but how you are saying it. Stay open to other perspectives.

By the end of the month, when Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21, you'll look forward to increased social activity and creative inspiration. Just keep in mind that Mercury retrograde will shift into Sagittarius on Dec. 23, which may bring financial tension. On a positive note, the Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26 illuminates your adventurous ninth house of long-distance travel, which means you could treat yourself to a much-needed vacation this Christmas season. Enjoy the getaway!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Happy solar return, Sagittarius! Your December horoscope and solar-return season invite you to fully embrace all you are and offer to the world. However, this will not be your typical birthday season, especially once socialite Venus enters secretive Scorpio and your sleepy 12th house of solitude on Dec. 4. Even still, go-getter Mars will hang out with the sun in your first house of self for the majority of the month, and this means that if you practice patience and pursue it with everything you've got, you'll reach your destination eventually, Sag. Remind yourself of this as often as you need to. Thankfully, on Dec. 6, whimsical Neptune will end its annual retrograde in your emotional fourth house of stability, helping you stay centered through the highs and lows.

Dream big underneath the fear-shattering Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12. This is your new moon to start fresh and set new intentions for the months ahead. Illuminating your first house of physical appearance and self-confidence, this powerful lunation highlights opportunities to update your signature look or whatever makes you feel daring, though financial matters may demand your attention once Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn and your income sector the following day, Dec. 13. Keep a level head as the solution to your frustrations could be as simple as committing to a basic budget. Make a list of what you have and then what you need to ensure you use all your resources wisely.

Organization may not be your best attribute, but your productivity skills should improve once Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21. Take advantage of this structured energy once Mercury retrograde shifts into your sign on Dec. 23. This practical period is best spent reviewing your personal goals for 2024. What do you need to put in place now to sustain you in the long run? Don't cut corners. On another note, the vibe may shift around Dec. 26 when the Cancer cold moon lights up the sky. Spotlighting your emotional eighth house of secrets and intimacy, you may feel extra nostalgic or homesick this Christmas. Call your favorite friends and family to ring in the new year with you. You'll start to feel more like yourself once Venus enters your sign on Dec. 29. Live it up, Sag!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

It's officially your "Let's reconnect after the holidays" season, Capricorn, thanks to the sleepy sun in Sagittarius nesting in your 12th house of rest until Dec. 21. Your December horoscope urges you to use this low-key transit to explore relaxing pastimes and spiritual practices that promote inner peace. You may also be more interested in literature and the arts, as the 12th house is known for activating artistic abilities. While solo dolo is your motto this month, consider hosting a vision-board party once Venus enters your community sector on Dec. 4. A few days later, on Dec. 6, Neptune will end its five-month retrograde through your communication zone, helping you reconnect with distant friends. They'll be happy to hear from you.

The end of the year can be a busy time, so take advantage of a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle during the carefree Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12. This rejuvenating lunation promotes travel and recreation. However, you may want to wait until the new year to book a romantic retreat or solo vacation, as Mercury will station retrograde in your sign the following day, Dec. 13. This may bring temporary delays or adjustments to your plans. Although this may seem frustrating initially, use the extra downtime to prepare instead of worry. It'll be worth the wait.

A new chapter begins on Dec. 21 when the sun officially enters your sign, and it's just the reboot you need after an emotionally charged Sagittarius season. Take some time to think about what you want to achieve in the coming year, both personally and professionally. You'll be grateful for the extra shot of clarity once Mercury retrograde and Venus shift into your house of self-healing on Dec. 23 and Dec. 29. If you're feeling emotional, lean on your loved ones during the Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26. This moody full moon empowers you to surrender to your soft side. Open up, Capricorn.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

'Tis the season for expanding your network, Aquarius — don't be afraid to drop a business card or two during the holiday festivities. With the sun chilling out in fearless Sagittarius and your collaborative 11th house of community until Dec. 21, your December horoscope encourages you to develop new connections or pitch yourself for a leadership role. Although immersing yourself in diverse environments may come naturally for you, you may need to be more straightforward about the value and experience you bring to the table when socialite Venus moves into strategic Scorpio and your 10th house of career on Dec. 4. This is also an excellent time to apply for a raise or receive a bonus, as Neptune will wrap its five-month retrograde cycle in your second house of income a few days later on Dec. 6. What will you do with the extra money?

Seize the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with your inner circle during the Dec. 12 Sagittarius new moon. However, be mindful that your mental and social energies may start to wane once Mercury stations retrograde in your 12th house of closure and self-reflection on Dec. 13. Although this transit will only last 10 days, use this restorative time to check in with your mental health. Water Bearers feeling overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibilities should consider restructuring their daily routines and coping mechanisms. What is causing you to feel stuck and stagnant? How can you get out of your head?

If you're still feeling drained or unmotivated on the work front by the time Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21, treat yourself to a much-needed self-care day. Whether that means booking a soothing Swedish massage at your local spa or soaking in a calming bath, unplug, Aquarius. On another note, a close friend may provide a listening ear so you can unleash pent-up feelings on Dec. 23 when Mercury retrograde shifts back into truth-seeking Sagittarius. Use the cleansing Cancer cold moon on Dec. 26 to sort through intense emotions. Be gentle with yourself, Aquarius!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Timing is everything, Pisces, and what's meant for you won't miss you. Make this your mantra for your December horoscope; it'll keep you grounded when you question your progress or feel overwhelmed. Whether you're looking to kick things up a notch in your career or working toward more financial freedom for your long-term future, take advantage of the Sagittarius sun's annual tour through your 10th house of success until Dec. 21. What long-term goals are you focusing on this season? While you may be eager to step into a leadership role, it may be helpful to research what training or experience you may need for a new position. Venus in Scorpio will visit your intellectual ninth house of higher learning and specialization from Dec. 4 until Dec. 29. Use this transit to advance your skill sets and knowledge.

Make your desires known to the universe during the empowering Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 12. Joining Mars and the sun in your social status sector, this powerful lunation highlights opportunities to take stock of your achievements and celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may seem. You may be rethinking your current associations and aspirations once Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn and your friendship sector the following day, Dec. 13. This introspective transit is excellent for reflecting on the role your friends and community play in your life and assessing if they are positively contributing to your growth and well-being.

With Capricorn season officially beginning on Dec. 21, you'll gain more clarity about who to include in your inner circle as the month progresses. Although change can be uncomfortable, expect confirmation that you're on the right path during the Dec. 26 Cancer cold moon. Use this calming full moon to indulge in your favorite pastimes, crafts, and hobbies. Think back to what activities comforted you as a child. To close the month on a joyful note, lucky Jupiter will wrap a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your talkative third house of communication on Dec. 30. Use this forward planetary motion to start etching out your new-year intentions. What creative ideas are you ready to give birth to, Pisces?

Inner-G Message for all who are guided here:

Channel bold, fiery Sagittarian energy as you respond to questions, requests and opportunities. Look outside the box and push your boundaries to try something new! If you have big, wild ideas and dreams, now is the perfect time to go after them. Stop hiding in the shadows and let your truth be known. It will prepare you for the upcoming full moon in Cancer. At that time, consider booking an energy healing session focused on your wellness like my Remote Reiki Healing or schedule your Spiritual Bath session taking place in Virginia's Short Pump area all December, which includes reiki attunement and The Essence Experience.


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