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Inner-G Message: SUPPRESSION

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

If this Inner-G Message finds you, no matter the time or day, you are being asked to address this silent problem Suppressing things in your journey. Suppressing is the act of trying to stop yourself from becoming aware of or expressing or acting on something that is arising within you.

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You can suppress a great many things. For example, you can try to stop yourself from feeling emotions, or stuff them down. To stuff down emotions is to silence a personal truth that is desperate to come out. You can try to stop yourself from thinking something. And you can refuse to acknowledge or express a desire or a need, just to name a few.

You can only heal emotions and painful perspectives that you let yourself become consciously aware of and whose truths you express. When the truth of you, including your perspectives, desires and needs - especially emotional ones - are stuffed under the floorboards, the pain of doing so rots you from within. Your physical body begins to deteriorate and so does the world around you. You will not feel normal or act normally to others no matter how hard you may try. For example, you may act passive-aggressively or be totally distant and disconnected. You may sink deep into addictions. We have all kinds of methods we use to suppress.

But you must know that not only does it make your relationships and life impossible, the world around you begins to reffect those things that you suppres. It is as if they transfer

to other people. For example, if you suppress anger, it will seem like everyone is mad at you.

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When it comes to emotional awareness and expression, there are five layers to the emotional truth:

  1. Anger, resentment, fury, blame, repelling

  2. Disappointment, sadness, hurt

  3. Insecurity, fear, bad memories, deep wounds

  4. Understanding, empathy, responsibility, regret

  5. Love, solutions, wishes, connection

What can you do to begin the healing process?

Here's a little Homework for you. Think about the situation at hand and complete the

following sentences.

  • I hate it when ...

  • I'm so angry that ...

  • I'm fed up with ...

  • I am filled with rage when ...

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