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January Tarot Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign!

It looks like Mercury is going direct on New Year's Day! You read that right, amiga. The energy of 2024 did not come to play. We are starting the year off right with a Mercury retrograde that began in Capricorn and stations direct on time for the annual "New Year, New Me'' announcements. Get excited because beginning the new year with Mercury sitting directly in the free-spirited Sagittarius will clear any haze you might've been feeling towards the end of the year.

There's also a special appearance by the 111 angel number code occurring twice this month, first on Jan. 1st, and then again after Jan. 11. It which will be accompanying the Capricorn new moon on that day. These 111 angel number days are numerology portals for you to be very intentional with. This is a time to be mindful of who and what you allow to have access to your mental energy. These are dates where manifestations can accelerate quickly.

It's a big month for those who have Aquarius placements because Pluto will be entering Aquarius on Jan. 20 for a transit that lasts until 2044. At this time, everyone will feel compelled to make drastic and radical changes to their way of life. If you're ready to make a big transition, this is the month to initiate that intention in tandem with Pluto's fresh energy. Pluto sitting in Aquarius will give you the push to follow through and confront adversity along the way.

Now what does your tarotscope have in store for you? Tarotscopes merge the divination tools of Tarot and Astrology horoscopes based on your zodiac sign to provide you with a magical fusion of forecasting.

January Tarot Card of the Month: The Sun

The overall tarot card pull for the general collective is The Sun. Although sunshine might be limited this time of year, that doesn't mean you can't create and radiate your own light. This month feels different from 2023's sluggish performance. The Sun card encourages you to find optimism to activate opportunity. You'll be looking at life with a fresh pair of eyes as you decide how you want to live a liberated life that's refreshingly different from the years prior. At the core of the month is a deep inclination to follow freedom's flow. This a month that's best spent releasing physical clutter and debunking mental cycles of pessimism. You have the chance to create from whatever unconventional state you choose. This perspective grants you a month of positivity and prosperity when you move past the energetic grid of self-saboteur. And so it is.

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How will January's tarot reading influence you by zodiac sign?


Tarot Card: Two of Cups

Your card is the two of cups, Aries or Aries rising. This month is giving peace and harmony. After an intensive last six months, you're seeing your hard work finally pay off. There's a deep sense of fulfillment you're tapping into with this energy. Now is a time to extend yourself and share your resources. Give back to others when you can. Simultaneously, there's abundance returning your way. Someone could offer you a deal you can't resist. You are leaning into your soft girl era, and the art of receiving is the mode you're thriving in. This month is guaranteed to give you some sort of reward.


Tarot Card: Two of Wands

Your card is the two of wands, Taurus or Taurus rising. This month can provide you with some much-needed travel and possibly overseas. Aside from literally bringing in physical movement for you, this month you'll be leaning into the energy of observation. Take into account all the diverse ways one can arrive at a solution. There are alternative methods you can take, and sometimes we need to be reminded that it's not always a one-size-fits-all method to reach your goals. Discontent could reach a climax this month. It's time to hit the rediscovery button. Waiting for your ships to sail in is like putting your destiny in the hands of others. You create your reality. Now get to work.


Tarot Card: Eight of Swords

Your card is the eight of swords, Gemini or Gemini rising. As an air sign, self-expression is a top priority for you to feel like you're operating at your best self. This is a month of reframing what's been keeping you stuck. If you're feeling confined or trapped, it's time to cut those cords and release them. You are at your best when you have room to freestyle. The eight of swords reminds you that there are times when taking on too much is a coping mechanism for playing it safe. But, playing it safe only festers a breeding ground of imprisonment. Be bold this month, because fear is an illusion.


Tarot Card: King of Cups

Your card is the King of Cups, Cancer, or Cancer rising. Regardless of your gender, you're embodying this energy. The King of Cups comes in at a time when you are being sought after for your amazing leadership abilities. As a water sign, it's not a foreign experience to be able to navigate emotional aptitude. It makes total sense that the King of Cups, which represents all water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, is appearing as your card. You're starting the month off with deep empathy and tolerance for the world around you. This is a month of extending your caring heart and sharing words of wisdom.


Tarot Card: Four of Wands

Your card is the four of wands, Leo or Leo rising. The overall tarot card for January is The Sun card, which is ruled by your zodiac sign. To also have this card, the four of wands, appear for you means out of all the zodiac signs, you are likely going to have the best January. Leo, keep in mind the value of community. This month will have you feeling extremely confident, and it's well deserved. There are many things you can tackle independently well. Yet, this universe is conspiring to bring you support in the form of friendships and teamwork. Be open to achieving a common goal through camaraderie. This is also a month where you'll find much pleasure in reconnecting with your friends.


Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

Your card is the Wheel of Fortune, Virgo, or Virgo rising. This is great news, homegirl. Luck is on your side when this appears. Expect to experience growth in all areas of your life. You must take the time to implement gratitude practices this month to keep your focus on the aligned vibration you're abundantly bringing into your reality. Faith is a key ingredient in manifestation work, and it seems your faith has helped you build a path of forward progress. This is a month best spent seizing opportunities because the opportunities are certainly here.


Tarot Card: Page of Wands

Your card is the page of wands, Libra, or Libra rising. For you witchy Libras, this is a month of exploring healing, nature-based practices, and connecting with Pachamama. The baby witch within you is ready to be unleashed, so let her shine. There are some minimal monetary gains to be made this month. Anything is better than nothing they say. However, consistency will grant you the access you are hoping for. This card encourages you to apply a practical approach to your dreams and stick with the momentum. As an air sign, developing discipline is an opportunity that awaits.


Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Your card is The Hierophant, Scorpio, or Scorpio rising. Your belief system is at the center of your attention. During this time, you might feel others are attempting to challenge your beliefs for their futile defense mechanisms. As the shadow worker of the zodiac, it's not uncommon for people to project their triggers onto you. You're a spiritual warrior, after all. There are new ideologies you are uniquely living and bringing into the world. It's best to stay in alignment with your spiritual inspiration. On the other end of the scale, there are patriarchal rigid structures that you could benefit from deconstructing to reach higher realms of success.


Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles

Your card is the Queen of Pentacles, Sagittarius, or Sagittarius rising. "Yes!" to you receiving this card because you are on your A-game this month. You're securing your bag and building generational wealth, Sage. It's a month of progress and material security. You might feel like starting the year off by tackling big goals on your list, and we say, go for it. You have the courage, resources, and stamina to dream bigger. The universe is reminding you to humbly reflect on your success. You are a tenacious person who is a role model to many. Pay if forward when you can this month.


Tarot Card: Seven of Swords

Your card is the seven of swords, Capricorn or Capricorn rising. This month is full of trials and tribulations. When this card appears, it's an indication of doubling down on discernment. You might feel confused periodically, and fear can certainly creep in at this time. Don't be afraid to pivot instead of continuously consuming falsity for comfort's sake. The universe is serving you an awakening. Sometimes this means we are guilty of our own deceit. It's time to make right with others or with yourself. Come clean with what needs to be karmically balanced and watch new paths open up for you in turn.


Tarot Card: The Chariot

Your card is The Chariot, Aquarius, or Aquarius rising. Now this is what we're rooting for you, Aqua. This is the card of victory, overcoming obstacles, and success. January is unblocking unnecessary hexes that might've been sent your way. Get ready, because the mal de ojo is being removed and enemies are being defeated. You will surprise your secret enemies with this big win. Trust that whatever has been keeping you up at night is a stress of the past. Stay in line with your values and virtues, as an Aquarius that's not hard for you. Congratulations!


Tarot Card: The Moon

Your card is The Moon, Pisces, or Pisces rising. This is an exciting time for you. Although much may not seem certain, that equates to flexibility and opportunity. Rather than seeing things from a cynical perspective, trust in your gut that things are working out for your greater good. When this card appears, it signals the universe is moving things around to work in your favor that you aren't able to directly see at the moment. Behind-the-scenes shifts are occurring to set you up for success. This is an era in your life where the payoff is one transaction away from the marriage of logic and intuition. May you manifest wisely.

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