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Primary Benefits:    Our Aphrodisiac's captivating aroma invigorates the senses while stimulating a steamy magnetism. Have a little fun with it, go a little wild. It's creates a sensual and sexual energy known for it's powerful affect increasing sensuality, fertility, and libido.     


Loss of libido can have many causes. Sometimes it could be physical such as thyroid issues or medications and other times, it can be mental or emotional. Stress often being the greatest contributor, issues within relationships, fatigue, depression and the list goes on.


Support: Aphrodisiac ensures you love your mind, body, & soul for all that it is because your uniqueness is entirely your own and you have every right to be proud and feel good. Aphrodisiac will enhance sensual and sexual energy so you can enjoy what the good Lord gave you. Satisfaction guaranteed!    


Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Roller- 10ml (Seductive, Love Drawing & Fertility)

  • Ingredients: Jasmine, Geranium, Clary Sage, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Patchouli, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, and Peppermint    

    Crystals/Stones: Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Sunstone, Moonstone, Carnelian, Rose Quartz

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