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Our Herbal Bath Salts are Very Specific and made to order. Each Bath Vial is a 40ml tube and includes a muslin bag for you to put them in, but ultimately, you can simply pour the contents directly into your water & let the magic take place!


***Some of the salts may come with a crystal or stone inside***

Spiritual Cleanse (Aura, Detoxify & Release): As a healer and/or empath you know how important it is to take a soak and cleanse the absorbed emotions from our work and daily lives. This bath salt is made with very specific intentions to clear any toxins not only from the body, but from the mind and soul as well. It also protects from spiritual attack. Get even more Cleansing power with a Blessed Candle, Crystal, and 7Chakras Essential Oil Roller to go along with this bath soak.


Divination & Psychic- This is a very soothing and calming Bath Salt, perfect for those who want to connect with messages from their higher self and spirit guides through divinatory practices. Throw it in the bath and use with the intention to be illuminated to your best path forward. Great for bath time, tarot readings, or ritual meditation prior to a reading or contact with spirit! Try Pairing it with a Blessed Candle, Just Breathe Essential Oil Roller, Crystal, and Psychic Power/Divination Herbal Tea Blend to get the Ultimate Paranormal Experience!

Riches (Prosperity & Abundance):- Containing the Earth's most richest mineral, Dead Sea Salt, this bath salt aides in your rituals in raising your vibrations to receive your heart's desires of financial increase, success. You work hard! Relax and let money, financial stability, and prosperity come to you! Great for helping you envision your next prosperous adventure before you tackle it! Grab the entire Riches kit if you want to go big!!!

Aphrodisiac/Love- This hand-crafted and therapeutic bath soak is all about LOVE, the beauty within and all that surrounds us! Whether you're looking to turn it on and get in the mood with your partner, spouse, or for self-love! Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess, championed love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility; exactly what this soak is all about. If you want "Come To Me" results, order the Love kit.

Protection & Hex Removal- This bath blend was created to remove the bad things attached to you and reverse the effects of any hexes or curses placed on you. It also has the effect of sending that energy back to its source. It is used for physical and spirtual protection. It will help keep negative energies at bay and protect your energy from energy vampires; no more feeling drained or spiritual attacks. For more serious protection, please consider the Immunity spell kit.

Each of these items have been blessed with it's intended purpose and charged with Reiki (Energy Medicine). I really hope you enjoy my line of bath salts as they are very special to me, and it took me a while to make and finally offer to the public!

Herbal Bath Salts Blend (3 pack)

  • Usually ships within 48hrs unless you opt for me to do instead. FREE SHIPPING on eligible orders

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