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  • 💎 High-Quality Semi-Precious Stones. The Best Genuine Healing Crystals from around the world: Red Jasper, Red Agate, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. Turn your daily shower into a sacred experience of revitalization and recharging of energy with our Chakra Shower Head!
  • 💎 Great Protection: This handheld shower head with tourmaline ceramic balls remove excess impurities and soften hard water, adjust the PH value of the water, to enhance and revitalize the water naturally. The balls increase the essential minerals, Ca, Mg, Li, Zn, Se, Sr, H2SiO3. No risk of obstruction: Unlike other shower heads, our ceramide balls are encased in a separate compartment, preventing any one of them from slipping out and obstructing the flow of water
  • 💎 Real Gemstones: Red Jasper: Protection, courage, balance, calm and relaxation Red Agate: Negative energy is kept away or converted into positive energy Citrine: Positivity and optimism Green Aventurine: Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts Aquamarine: Amazing energy, aid with issues that stem from anger, stress, and panic Amethyst: Spiritual serenity, higher self-esteem and a healthy body Clear Quartz: Thought to awaken love, empathy, compassion and increase connections with others
  • 💎 High Quality Shower Head - Our 250 slim laser cut holes in our shower head ensure the best possible shower experience with 200% more pressure. Feel the experience of pure and energizing water on your skin with the rainfall mode, massage or combined just pushing a switch on the side
  • 💎 Easy to DIY install and disassemble by yourself . You can buy, according to your convenience, only the head shower if it suits your type of shower or the complete set with hose and bracket. You choose!!
  • Is Smart Device: NO
    Style: Single Head

Chakra Crystal Anion Filtration High Pressure Water Saving Handheld Showe

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