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Includes one of each essential oil blend listed, along with the lovely wood display (if interested... will be shipped by manufaturer, cost is additional $38 and shipped separately).

If you want to alter package, and double up on any, or remove others, that's fine. Just drop us a message. We'll make it happen!


*** Please advise: Pressure oil is NOT included in the main image***

12-Pack Complete Essential Oil Blends

  • Renew balance, support, and flow of positive energy centers within the human body with our 7 Chakras.


    Aphrodisiac will enhance sensual and sexual energy so you can enjoy what the good Lord gave you.


    Courageous will help boost confidence by relieving stress, fear, and the nervous tension that comes with facing people and situations that make us feel uncomfortable.


    Euphoria is an emotional blend known for it's powerful resonance with the frequency of love and reputed to assist with controlling anger, calming anxiety, and depression to those who use them.


    Focus gives mental charity and helps stimulate memory. Great for ADHD & ADD.


    Forget that cup of coffee in the morning, this gives you endurane & stamina. For an on the go option, try our Fuel. It's sure to wake you up and keep you going! 


    Immunity not only protect you space and aura; it also keeps negative energy and hexes from others at bay. You deserve to be immuned.


    Just Breathe is an emotional blend reputed to assist with meditation, anger management, anxiety, and depression.


    Relax.. It's sure to knock you out and promote sweet dreams! Also decreases snoring and aids sleep apnea.


    Richies attracts abundance and elevates your inner resonance to harmonize with the "Law of Attraction."  


    Tension quickly ease muscle pain, tension from stress, and swelling/inflammation. Also aids migraine headaches. 


    Pressure essential oil will lower heart rate, which lowers blood pressure. Also good for anger management and circulation.

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