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Hand blended Reiki infused Herbal Incense


~Made by N’her Healing~


Used for thousands of years Incenses have been used for spiritual cleansing, it can help focus the mind, clear blocked energy and used to cleanse crystals and Altar tools, and to celebrate the Sabbats. Each bag of incense has been freshly made using the finest ingredients of herbs, Resins, Flowers and Spices, giving them a long shelf life.



An intuition awakening blend designed to aid in the art of divination and psychic awareness. Handcrafted to help connect your conscious with your subconscious. Intented to purify your energy, promote balance, relax your mind and open your awareness to communication with spirits. Plus, it smells divine!


• Harnesses the energy of plants and flowers in this blend work as allies to cleanse and clear negative energy to instill a peaceful state.

• High Vibrational Ingredients ensure that you are getting the most potently active ingredients

• Cleanse and Clears Energy so you can be free of negative vibes and the weight of other people's energy

• Invokes peace which can reduce stress and improve health

• Creates relaxation for a healthier mind, body, and spirit

• Balancing and Centering for your person

• Aura Clearing

• Reiki Charged to intuitively balance and heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit

• Creates a Self Care practice to help ensure sustainability in your life

• Promotes Self Love practices that help set you free

• Raises Vibrations to assist you in your ascension process

• Supports a Women's black-owned small business

Divination/Psychic Power/3rd Eye/Dreams Loose Herbal Incense w/ burner and coal

  • Place a charcoal disc in a heatproof bowl using the burner provided with your order ( we also sell both marble mortar and pestles and cast iron cauldrons in our store which are ideal for this purpose) fill with either salt or sand to disperse and heat. Simply light the charcoal disc (it will spark slightly) wait approx 5 minutes it will appear grey around the edges, now it is ready to use. You will need just a pinch of incense placed in the middle of the disc. The charcoal disc will give off heat for approx 1 hour. (do not leave unattended)

  • Usually ships within 48hrs. FREE SHIPPING on eligible orders

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