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An herbal tea to aid in a man's general health.


This ancient recipe of MANLY MAN herbal tea has been formulated to activate masculine power, relieve fatigue, improve mood, and to support male wellness. Unique herbs in this blend help to promote healthy blood flow in all the right places, especially in the abdominal part and brain.
This warming and relaxing tea that supports prostatic health, increases libido, stamina and endurance, with energizing but calming aphrodisiacs.

This is health, strength, energy, harmony, and pleasure in one herbal cup!


All orders come with a reusable tea bag. 


About our products:
All of our herbal products at N'her Healing are handmade in small batches using the finest ingredients. We use only organic sustainably harvested herbs. Our products are all-natural, vegan and completely free of toxins, additives and artificial ingredients.

Manly Man's Herbal Tea Blend-Tea for Him, Tea for Man, Male Health, Libido Boost

  • Jar: 1tsp per one cut of hot water. Infuse 5-10 minutes for BEST FLAVOR


    Ingredients: Black Tea, Dandelion, Nettle, Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root, Saw Palmetto, Fennel, Oat Straw, Linden Flower, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Yohimbe Bark, Meadowsweet,Licorice Root, Damiana, Yarrow, and Stevia. 


    Thank you for visiting our shop and we hope to offer you an amazing shopping experience.


    * Disclaimer: This is an herbal tea and is not a substitute for seeking medical advice. No refunds. No exchanges.

  • Usually ships within 48hrs. FREE SHIPPING on eligible orders

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