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One teaspoon in a cup of hot water will calm the lioness in you, to a purring kitten. Monthly Moon is blended to address the mental and physical discomfort associated with the cycles of the moon, with emphasis on pain and mood.


The moon could be regulating menstrual cycles, mood and our reproductive organs. It isn’t too farfetched to believe that plants and animals depend on these cycles to be prepared for changes in the environment. Science is slowly showing moon myths hold some truth. No matter how you look at it, the Moon has some effect. To say it doesn’t is just silly.


Proven to work wonders, just ask Sam. Better yet, ask Google about the ingredients. Warming, relaxing, and tonifying to the womb while easing cramping and stress. Naturally nurturing a positive energetic connection to the moon and the feminine wisdom of dreams. Give it a try and you'll see why women on their period love drinking this herbal tea Blend!


All orders come with a reusable tea bag. 


About our products:
All of our herbal products at N'her Healing are handmade in small batches using the finest ingredients. We use only organic sustainably harvested herbs. Our products are all-natural, vegan and completely free of toxins, additives and artificial ingredients.

Monthly Moon Herbal Tea Blend (Menstruation, Cramps, Mood, Lady Parts)

  • Jar: 1tsp per one cut of hot water. Infuse 5-10 minutes for BEST FLAVOR


    Ingredients: Black tea, Raspberry Leaves, Ginger, Mugwort, Shepherds Purse, Calendula, Valerian, Hibiscus,  Cinnamon, Red clover, and Stevia.


    Thank you for visiting our shop and we hope to offer you an amazing shopping experience.


    * Disclaimer: This is an herbal tea and is not a substitute for seeking medical advice. No refunds. No exchanges.

  • Usually ships within 48hrs. FREE SHIPPING on eligible orders

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