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Herb and essential oil infused bath salts for your money ritual and/or cash flow. Bathe yourself in the energy of abundance! The herbs and oil in these bath salts were mindfully chosen for their ability to increase the flow of money into your world. When slipping into your warm bath consider where your abundance could flow from. A new job? Refinancing your mortgage or vehicle? Getting a raise at work? Money rituals work best when you have an idea of where you can open doors. This salt also protects your valuables from theives.


• Dead Sea Salt are proven therapeutic and mineral rich minerals that soothe your muscles and keep your skin healthy

• Harnesses the energy of plants and flowers in this blend work as allies to cleanse and clear negative energy to instill a peaceful state.
• High Vibrational Ingredients ensure that you are getting the most potently active ingredients
• Cleanse and Clears Energy so you can be free of negative vibes and the weight of other people's energy
• Invokes peace which can reduce stress and improve health
• Creates relaxation for a healthier mind, body, and spirit
• Balancing and Centering for your person
• Aura Clearing
• Reiki Charged to intuitively balance and heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit
• Creates a Self Care practice to help ensure sustainability in your life
• Promotes Self Love practices that help set you free
• Raises Vibrations to assist you in your ascension process
• Supports a Women's black-owned small business


Direction: Add 2-3 scoops in your bath water or the reusable bag (included). Drop the salts or bag into an empty bathtub and fill with hot water so that the herbal salts bag remains immersed. Leave the bag in the tub during the bath. After use: Empty, rinse and dry the bag to reuse.

Weight: 9 oz

Prosperity/Abundance/Money Drawing + Saver Bath Salt Blend

  • Usually ships within 48hrs unless you opt for me to do instead. FREE SHIPPING on eligible orders

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