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Important Message Received about AFTER April 8

First of all, thank you for even opening this blog to even see what I have to say. This is actually a copy and paste from my personal notes as the journal wasn't close by to write ✍🏾 anything down. I'm actually glad my spirit lead me to do so as I wouldn't be able to share this like this.

Please note: where you see "(white board)" Is me cueing myself to use the board to sketch an illustration for the video content I intended to post about my download.

You can find the videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and also on the "Livestream" Page here on my website once there are edited and uploaded. Please follow or subscribe to support my work. Thank you!


I saw a green pen 🖊️ sliding across the floor like the puck in an air hockey game. The floor was a glossy grayish tile in what feels like an office building. If you can imagine the scene from the matrix with the helicopter outside the windows! It was just like that! But with a few office desk all over the place. And while I wasn’t scared, I honestly think the building was tilted, like falling, because the pen 🖊️ was sliding forward towards the glass windows and I watched it bcuz the color was so vibrant and neon like. It hit the window as though it crossed a barrier and completely transformed into a little ball of green light. I guess It had personality, bcuz it did whatever very it wanted to do. 2 other items with different colors, let’s just say neon magenta and yellow, also started flying around the room but again, it was after it went thru the window. But it never really went thru anything at all (use white board)

While I was there, I asked creation/source if this is what going to happen soon and it began to show me more behaviors even I’m not used to which kings frightened me before I realized what it was showing me. What stuck out the most after those lights was that I watched myself see 👀 My shadow look at me. If it wasn’t me, I could feel them. I could also see it from their perspective and point of view with my thoughts. So I assumed it was one of my avatars. Moving forward! It’s like the body was sitting in a convertible building🥴 (white board) the right hand was hanging out the building. The shadow was in front of the person on the side of the building. It looked back at the physical body. It has a mind of its own. And it freaked me out for a slight moment bcuz while I’ve seen a shadow do some weird shit (I can tell you about it if you like), I’ve never seen a shadow do something other than its counterpart. But creation was still showing me something so I couldn’t focus on being scared bcuz the information was just pouring in. There was no time to be scared 😅 it happened and then more shit was happening🤷🏾‍♀️ but then when it slowed down I could think about what I just saw and source immediately said 2D. Then it gave me 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, 8D. I knew it was showing me the evolution of something.

My dream space was over, I had returned back to my physical body, this avatar. I could hear me and creation still talking in my mind. It told me to tell the people what to expect and to get straight to the point. It gave me a few bullets:

  1. What’s really happening?

  2. What’s going to happen?

  3. What to prepare for?

  4. How to prepare for it?

I have the answers and will be putting them in a video on TikTok and YouTube.

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